Anxiety is a normal emotion. It is helpful to feel a little anxious in a lot of situations, such as a work presentation or an exam. However if you have experienced intense anxiety for a prolonged period of time  with physical as well as psychological symptoms then this can be very overwhelming and you may find talking to someone helpful in order to find ways of coping and decrease or eliminate your anxiety.

You may experience some of the following symptoms:

Persistent nervousness
Problems with sleeping
Needing frequent reassurance
Feeling emotional and tearful
Unfounded fears about oneself or family
Muscle tension
Stomach discomfort

I offer a flexible approach , including  relaxation  techniques and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools to relieve anxiety.

I am a compassionate and experienced counsellor and we can work together specifically for your needs. I will also ask about your general health and lifestyle to compliment the psychological therapy.

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