Stressful things are part and parcel of life. It is how we respond and handle those things/events that makes a difference to the impact they have on our lives. On going or long term Stress can have a very real health impact.
By talking to someone and identify your stress triggers and then developing appropriate coping strategies can have a very positive impact on your life.

Usually we react in one of three ways:
i Indifference- tuning out, switching off from the experience.
ii Attachment- wanting to cling on or to grasp.
iii Aversion-pushing away or rejecting.
Each of these responses can cause us to feel stressed. Particularly aversion, we want to get rid of what is happening and what we don’t like in that moment. We don’t want it.

Mindfulness Based practices have been shown to be very effective in tackling stress. It can help you gain a sense of perspective and see the connection between a downward mood spiral and the high standards that we impose on ourselves at home and at work.

Becoming more aware of thoughts feelings and bodily sensations evoked by events, gives us the possibility of freeing ourselves from automatic ways of reacting and respond in a more mindful way.
The first step is to start to notice our experiences as we react automatically. Noticing any tension, tightening , holding in your body. As you notice and acknowledge your bodily experience, gently and compassionately gather your attention. Bring your attention to your breathing ,come back through your breath as an anchor.

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